I’m Matthias from Male Toy Reviews.
For about three years now, I’ve been writing honest reviews about male erotic toys. What started as a hobby soon turned into a very important aspect of my professional activities, mainly because Male Toy Reviews was quickly spotted by a few big players.

At this moment, various brands, shops and wholesalers send sex toys in return for an honest review. I look at things like choice of material, the look and shape, the level of noise disturbance, the power and depth of the vibrations, hygiene and maintenance, etc. The reviews are written as well as recorded on video in a professional manner on and the Maletoyreviews YouTube channel.

Often I find it quite funny when a large box of testers is delivered. So much to test in such a short time! Today, the market for male erotic toys is growing exponentially. Try googling the word ‘masturbator’. Chances are you’d find more than 100 different textures and shapes. It’s not exactly useful, right?

But that’s exactly where I want to help out! I want to help you find a way in the continually growing supply of sextoys by sharing my experiences and thoughts, and indicating what the pros and cons are for the tested products. Being up to date and staying informed is crucial to me. That’s why I participate in international expositions, visit wholesalers regularly and skim the internet for innovating and potentially satisfactory products.

Obviously it’s impossible to test and review every product available. That’s why I focus on innovating products that could potentially be pleasing for a wider audience. I try to minimise the extremes, however I widely interpret ‘being experimental’.

Most of the previous reviews are in Dutch. In the future, I’ll post more and more English reviews (mostly videos), to have a more widespread impact.

Last but not least: recently, I’ve made an Instagram page for Male Toy Reviews, or @maletoyreviews. Have fun reading/watching reviews on and enjoy yourselves 😉